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The University Institute for European Studies at CEU San Pablo University organised an European Awareness Day (EAD) which took place on Monday 24 April 2017 at Teatro de la Luz Philips Gran Vía, Madrid in a night event that saw the partecipation of 600 citizens of all ages.

The event featured the performance of the music recital show ‘Europa: ¡Qué pasión! Historia de un amor atormentado’, narrating the history of the European Union since World War II to current crisis and unpredictable future. A welcome speech by Prof. Jerónimo Maillo, AwarEU coordinator in Spain, introduced the event and the guest speaker Raimundo Bassols, Ambassador of Spain directly involved in the accession of Spain to the EEC during the ‘80, who addressed the audience in a 20 minutes speech about his key historical experience in the late XX century, the role of Spain today in the EU and conversely the role of today EU for Spanish citizens, the challenges and needs for further European integration. Ambassador Bassols, as main speaker and one of Spain leading experts on the European integration issues, answered questions from the audience in an interesting discussion that preceded the performance of the show.

Ambassador Bassols personally congratulated the authors and performers, after the show, for a work that literally thrilled the audience and was greatly and warmly appreciated by all academic guests and personalities who took part to the event. Both events provided a great opportunity to promote the Virtual Learning Environment on contemporary European issues.

CEUMEDIA, the University CEU San Pablo’s production team, recorded parts of the events and prepared an audiovisual piece to help dissemination.

VideoClip Actualidad Madrid TVE

Promotion and invitations

The event was widely promoted on key websites and platforms, including:

  1. 1. CEU San Pablo University website:
  2. 2. The University Institute for European Studies’ weekly newsletter and website:
  3. 3. The University Institute for European Studies’ blog: ‘More Europe’:
  4. 4. Social Media Channels of the University Institute for European Studies and CEU San Pablo University, including:
  5. - Facebok: @InstitutoUniversitariodeEstudiosEuropeosCEU
  6. - Twitter: @IDEE_USPCEU
  7. - Google +: @InstitutoUniversitariodeEstudiosEuropeos
  8. - Youtube:


Invited guests:

  • 1. Universities and foundations CEU in Spain (CEU UCH Valencia, Elche, Castellón; Universitat Abat Oliba Barcelona; CEU San Pablo University Madrid).
  • 2. Research Centers and Institutes CEU: Instituto de Estudios de la Democracia, Instituto de Estudios de la Familia, Instituto de Humanidades Ángel Ayala, Instituto de Estudios Históricos, Centro de Documentación Europea.
  • 3. Schools and High schools in Madrid.
  • 4. Think tanks and Centers on European Relations.
  • 5. Consulates and embassies in Madrid.
  • 6. European institutions (European Commission and European Parliament representatives in Madrid).
  • 7. MEPs offices.
  • 8. Spanish Government (Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, Minister of Education, Culture and Sport).
  • 9. Other Civil initiatives and movements.
  • 10. Local and national broadcast, newspapers and online media.


Audience feedback

We received a positive audience feedback. In general, they found the musical enjoyable, entertaining and a very innovative way to inform people on the history of the EU. The choice of the songs was excellent and suited to involve an audience of very different ages: from children to young students, from adults to old retired people, the Madrid EAD really offered a key positive test for the effectiveness of both the music recital show and the event format of the EAD.

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