Since 2008 Euroscepticism has risen, using false arguments. Academic knowledge on the EU should be used in the public debate, but universities do not reach out and EU teaching in high school have been limited. With the Jean Monnet Network "MoreEU - More Europe to overcome the Crisis" five institutions from 5 Euro-Plus Member States where the EU and the € are under eurosceptic attack have joined forces to tackle this challenge. CesUE is communication partner of this Network, led by the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa (Italy) and involving: Notre Europe-Institute Jacques Delors from Paris (France), CEU San Pablo University from Madrid (Spain), University of Warsaw (Poland), Nova Law School from Lisbon (Portugal).

This page hosts MoreEU Blog: a communication tool that will allow project's participants and all interested stakeholders to follow and comment weekly posts on current European affairs. Comments are welcomed in English and in any of the five languages represented by the Network.