Notre Europe President, Enrico Letta, on this short video, takes a stand on the main issues of the European Council of 15-16 December 2016 by answering the following questions:

1. The European Council is due to conduct an assessment of the progress made in implementing the European strategy for refugees and migrants. What do you expect to come of it?

2. Donald Trump’s election is reshuffling the cards in the field of collective security for the EU. How can the heads of state and government adapt to this situation?

3. How can we prevent a prospective rapprochement between Washington and Moscow from taking place to the Europeans’ detriment?

4. The heads of state and government vowed in Bratislava to make decisions on reinforced programmes in favour of youngsters and of youth employment. What can we expect to come of those promises?

5. The heads of state and government will be holding a new 27-b strong debate on the EU’s future. What recommendations would you like to make in that regard?


Posted by Notre Europe/Jacques Delors Institute